Stock Market Analysis: 03/14/11

Tesla (TSLA) – Tesla (TSLA) is now trading up above $265. Tesla (TSLA) – Tesla (TSLA) is now trading up above $255. Sunshine Health (SSH) – SSH gapped up above $9 on Thursday and then tanked to $7. Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) – Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) fell another 10% on Thursday. Apricus Biosciences, […]

How Can The World Allocate COVID-19 Vaccines Fairly?

Another chart attached below highlights the action between price and volume in the course of sharp decline and recovery. This hints probable big players are still in the game and recently over the course of upmove shall have added further with an increase in price. While analyzing the weekly chart I found trendy boutique has been […]

Stockbee: Neglect Is A Good Strategy

31) If a project reaches the accounting break-even point in every year of its life, it must also have a positive NPV. As Bradley so aptly described the model: “At no time must the reader gain the impression that a siderograph, as such, is a prediction of what the trendy boutique market will actually do. Jul […]

Stock Market Analysis: 07/19/08

Apple (AAPL) – Apple (AAPL) was lower on Thursday after Goldman cut their price target. Yes, Apple ( AAPL ) is starting to eat their lunch with iPhone sales but there is plenty of business to go around. If there is a weak growth rate or high inflation, keep an eye on big companies, […]

Stock Market Analysis: 02/12/11

Lemonade (LMND) – The LMND IPO opened at $50 and rallied to $95 two days later. Lemonade (LMND) – The LMND IPO opened at $50 and rallied to $70. To that end, Lemonade has built a vertically-integrated company with wholly-owned insurance carriers in the United States and Europe, and the full technology stack to […]

Stock Market Analysis: 07/18/10

I don’t pretend to know just when it will because I don’t know. Except knowing what we do know about the swine Flu break out, it may be a good time for us to think about investing in our own safety just in case. I think it is time to start taking a long […]

Shidafzan: Financial Management (Chapter 4: Financial Analysis-Sizing Up Firm Performance)

If you are a small investor, there is little that you can do to close the pricing gap because you have neither the money or the megaphone to close the gap. To get a measure of the pricing effect of a big name trade, you have to look at both the resources commanded by […]

Investing Thoughts : March 2021

If you want to monitor your trading performance and figure out how to improve the performance the tool would just blow your mind. Some people want to wear the wrong type of contact lens due to fashion reasons, but that type is simply not suited for wear by the person and will affect their […]

The Nop Mega Menu Plugin

You’ve arrived at your one stop store for a large number of eco pleasant merchandise including important oils and luxurious reusable cloth for the household, your house or homestead, and even for your pets. The Lay Family, owners of the boutiques , have been too devastated to speak on digital camera, describing the fire as realising […]